For your convenience we have listed various numbers and links that may be of help to anyone needing extra assistance. More services can be found in the new patient forms under our appointments page.

Emergency Numbers

Mobile Crisis Team(901) 577-9400
Suicide and Crisis Intervention(901) 274-7477
Abused Women's Services(901) 725-4277
Sexual Assault Resources Center(901) 272-2020

Psychiatric Hospitals

St. Francis Hospital(901) 765-1400
Delta Medical Center(901) 369-8100
Lakeside Behavioral Health(901) 377-4700
Parkwood Behavioral Health(901) 521-1400
VA Hospital(901) 877-7200
Memphis Mental Health Institute (MMHI)(901) 577-1800

Medical Resources

Memphis Health Department(901) 544-7600
Memphis Health Center(901) 261-2000
Church Health Center(901) 272-7170
The MedPlex(901) 866-8814
Christ Community Health(901) 701-2520
Memphis Muslim Medical Clinic(901) 685-3901

Online Information & Associations